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Reporting bugs

When submitting a bug report, it is often helpful to include a log. The following steps can be followed on any Linux machine to capture the logs for Password Store in a text file that you can attach to a GitHub issue.

  • Determine the version of Password Store you are running
    • If it is 1.13.5 or below, replace PKG in the commands below with dev.msfjarvis.aps
    • If it is 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT, replace PKG with app.passwordstore
  • Download the Android Platform Tools from here and extract them into a directory
  • Enable developer options on your device and turn on USB debugging by following these steps
  • Enable debug logging for Password Store by going to Settings > Misc (or scrolling to the bottom of the Settings page on version 1.13.5)
  • Open a new terminal in the directory where you extracted the platform tools
  • Run ./adb shell am force-stop PKG to close the app
  • Launch the app again and replicate the issue
  • Run ./adb logcat --pid=$(./adb shell pidof -s PKG) -d > log.txt to capture the logs up till that point
  • Upload log.txt either to the GitHub issue or email it to with the issue link